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Lindy Cameron

Lindy Cameron is the author of the Bryn Gideon and Kit O'Malley series as well as true crime.

Lindy is an Australian writer of crime fiction and fact – who long ago gave up the fantasy of growing up to be a famous scientist.  The fact that she still harbours a desire to be an astronaut, a warrior chick or a Apache Helicopter pilot would hint that she perhaps hasn’t, however, grown up much at all.

Lindy’s latest fiction is the adventure thriller Redback featuring the very cool Bryn Gideon and her team of retrieval agents. Redback was on of the first three books published by Clan Destine Press.

Lindy’s first published novel was the archaeological adventure Golden Relic. Before being a paperback it was serialised a chapter a month, for 10 months, on the internet as a promotional lead-up to the prestigious International Council of Museums conference held in Melbourne in 1998.  Golden Relic was actually commissioned by the Museum of Victoria (Australia) for ICOM ’98;  which means Lindy was probably the first writer to earn money from the then fledgling internet. Golden Relic has now come full circle back to the internet and is now an eBook.

Her second novel, Blood Guilt  – and its two sequels, featuring Melbourne PI Kit O’Malley – Bleeding Hearts and Thicker Than Water – now have a splendid new lease on life with her American publisher Bywater Books.  Bleeding Hearts won the Readers’ Vote in Australia’s two major crime writing awards: the Ned Kelly Awards in 2001 and the Davitt Awards in 2002. Thicker Than Water won the Davitt Readers’ Vote in 2004.

Before plunging into the world of make-believe, Lindy worked as a journalist and a book editor.

She also wrote some primary school history texts; and a card game book for kids.

She is a founding member of Sisters in Crime Australia, and has been a National Co-Convenor of and editor of the group’s magazine Stiletto for nearly tweo decades.

Somehow, in the last little while, Lindy has also found herself writing and commissioning anthologies of true crime. She is therefore also the contributing editor of Meaner Than Fiction and Outside the Law 2; editor of Outside the Law 3.

With her sister, Fin J. Ross, she co-wrote Killer in the Family (not her own!); and she is also co-author, with Ruth Wykes, of Women Who Kill (again, no one she knows!)

Lindy much prefers to make things up, however, and is currently working on the sequel to Redback; and a YA urban fantasy time-travelling adventure.

In 2010 she entered the realm of the completely adventurous by starting her own publishing company. She launched Clan Destine Press with Kerry Greenwood’s historical novel Out of the Black Land; her own Redback; and Dougal’s Diary by David Greagg. 

Lindy aims to publish the best Aussie genre fiction she can find – and a few more cat books, just for the hell of it.


Commander Bryn Gideon and the crack Australian ‘Redback Retrieval Team’ rescue hostages from a
Pacific island. An American journalist researching war-game training, uncovers links between Western
government agencies and known terrorists groups.

Around the globe there are: ritual killings in London and Tokyo; a bomb on a European train; an assassination on an Australian beach; and an explosion on an US army base. Are these the work of isolated opportunistic terrorists, or part of something more sinister?

Gideon’s Redbacks find themselves in a race to expose the ultimate conspiracy of a truly evil force
that plays both sides of the terror divide against each other.

Celia Robinson is paying Private Investigator Kit O’Malley big money to find out what her husband Geoffrey is up to with a blonde, a redhead, and the business cohorts of entrepreneur Ian Dalkeith.

Enduring a heatwave and fighting the inanimate objects that are out to get her are the hardest parts of Kit’s assignment– until a body is found floating in the Robinson’s ornamental fish pond.

While the cops pursue their own line of inquiry, Celia’s daughter Quinn hires Kit to find the killer and Celia’s missing butler. What Kit doesn’t count on is Quinn’s determination to be involved in the case.To make matters worse Quinn brings along her lawyer, the very sexy Alexis Cazenove.

After the discovery of another body and a near miss with a homicidal drive, Kit realises she’s getting close to something big– even if the truth seems to be that everyone has a secret.

Poison pens can draw blood... and that’s exactly why TV presenter Rebecca Jones hires private eye Kit O’Malley to investigate threats against her. But the trouble with being tenacious, tough and too smart for her own good is that everybody else wants Kit on their team too – at the same time.

Cases involving money laundering, sordid sexual shenanigans, political sleaze and abduction among Melbourne’s movers and shakers threatens to swamp Kit as she picks her way through the morass of greed, treachery and murder.

As if that’s not enough, the beautiful Alex Casenove sweeps back into her life, reminding Kit that love is almost as deadly as hate and that murder never happens at a convenient time.

When a bloodless corpse turns up in her favourite bar and the wrong cop is assigned to the case
Kit O’Malley, fearing the real killer will never be found, has no choice but to investigate. 

But, when the body turns out to be a member of a notorious Melbourne crime family, a bad situation gets a whole lot worse as this man’s death could spark a gangland war.

Already knowing that bent cops are just as dangerous as desperate crooks, Kit picks her way through the city’s underworld and ends up in the kitchen of crime matriarch Queenie Riley.

With her friends in danger, Kit has to stay on top of events that are fast moving beyond her control.

When Professor Lloyd Marsden is found murdered in the old Museum of Victoria, someone thinks it’s an attempt to sabotage a forthcoming and highly prestigous international museum conference.

Special Detective Sam Diamond, of the Australian Crime Bureau’s Cultural Affairs Department, is therefore assigned to help homicide cops Jack Rigby and Hercules Rivers catch the killer.

Thrown into a world of obsessive collectors, strange poisons, funerary rites and ancient artefacts, Sam’s photographic memory and cryptic crossword skills are invaluable tools in her investigation.

But when archaelogist Dr Maggie Tremaine steps into the picture– with news that some of Marsden’s old colleagues have also died in mysterious ways – Sam discovers that sometimes the answers only lead to more questions.

Sam and Maggie join forces to chase a dead man’s clues around the world– from Australia via Egypt to Peru – on a strange quest for the truth and a mythical golden relic.

It’s chilling to think there are women amongst us who kill simply because they can. Women who kill
not because they’re threatened, not because they’re broken, not because they’ve been hurt or abused – but just because they want to.

Women Who Killexplores over a dozen murders in Australia and New Zealand, where women have taken the lives of loved ones and strangers for the thrill of it.

True crime writers Lindy Cameron and Ruth Wykes examine the evidence and look inside the hearts and minds of women who end the lives of others because it gives them power, because it arouses them, because human life has no value, because the victim had something they wanted.

Take a trip into the dark and forbidding worlds of Catherine Birnie, Tania Herman, Irene Maslin, Kath Knight, Vicky Efandis, Shirley Withers, Valerie Parashumti and other women killers

Two-thirds of Australian homicide victims are killed in their own homes...by someone they know.

Authors Lindy Cameron and Fin J. Ross explore the horror of domestic homicide.

Killer in the Family explores more than 20 convicted killers, including: Robert Farquharson, twice-convicted and given life in prison for the drowning murders of his three young sons.

John Sharpe, who murdered his wife and baby daughter with a spear gun and then dismembered them.

Matthew De Gruchy, who viciously murdered his mother, sister and brother.

Michelle Burgess, who hired a hitman to kill her lover’s wife and her own husband, so she could be with her lover; but then had an affair with the hitman.


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