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Liz Porter


Liz Porter is a true crime writer.


Liz Porter is a journalist who began her career in Hong Kong and then worked in Sydney, London and Stuttgart before returning to her home town of Melbourne, where she is a regular contributor to The Age and The Sunday Age.

She has won awards for her writing on legal issues and has published a novel. Her book Written on the Skin was joint winner of the 2007 Ned Kelly award for best true crime book. Liz is an enthusiastic ocean swimmer and chorister and also a hopelessly devoted fan of the St Kilda Football Club.

Cold case investigators scrape back paint in a renovated flat where a murder was committed twelve years earlier, and find a blood stain that leads them to a killer. Scientists extract DNA from crime-scene samples collected in 1973, and a 21st-century hunt for a triple murderer begins. A forensic dentist probes the mysterious death of an eight-year-old ancient Egyptian mummy. A document examiner reassesses the authorship of Johann Sebastian Bach¹s cello suites. A long-forgotten palm print leads detectives to the real perpetrator of a murder for which an innocent man has already served 12 years¹ jail.

In this collection of fascinating cold cases from Australia, the UK and the US, award-winning writer Liz Porter shows how modern forensic science can unlock solutions for crimes and mysteries unsolved for decades, and, in some cases, centuries.

A crime scene investigator notes the tiny indentations on the fragments of a tin can identified at a bomb site. After months of testing he is able to match them to the can opener that made them ­ and lead police to the bomb-maker who used it.

A forensic dentist documents the marks in chewing gum dropped by a thief during a burglary and matches them to the teeth of the suspect. A forensic physician examines an abused child, "reading" the terrible alphabet that fists and weapons write on the skin and identifying a mother's hairbrush as the source of the "tramline bruising" on her daughter's leg.

Liz Porter's riveting casebook shows how forensic investigators ­ including pathologists, chemists, entomologists, DNA specialists and document examiners ­ have used their specialist knowledge to identify victims, catch perpetrators, exonerate innocent suspects and solve dozens of crimes and mysteries.



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